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Oceanwaves SG, located at Jurong Food Hub, is a leading fresh seafood and meat supplier in Singapore.

We distribute wholesale chilled and frozen seafood, meat, beef, lamb, mutton, pork, poultry and other frozen food products like finger food, ready-to-eat poultry, smoked & processed meat.

Awarded SME of the Year in 2014, Oceanwaves SG has built its name to become a reputable B2B Wholesale Meat and Seafood Supplier in the industry, supplying a diverse range of chilled and frozen food to F&B restaurants across Singapore, and delivering high quality meat and seafood products to satisfied customers since 1998.

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Did you know? Most seafood products from supermarkets tend to be less fresh and more expensive due to logistics, mark-ups and overhead costs.

So why should you spend more for less? Skip the supermarket queue & order online directly from our Seafood Delivery page!

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