Fresh Cockles (1kg)

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XL Cockles Singapore

Fresh Cockles (1kg)

  • This product is sold by Pre-Order only.
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Cockles Size

Live Cockles are sold on a pre-order basis. We deliver once stock is available.

Cockles arrive in our fishery port at early morning & are immediately shipped out to customers on the same day.

*On certain days, there may either be no cockles arrival (as the fisherman did not catch any) or there are no XL / Jumbo size cockles in that day's catch.

Hence, we can't cater to requests for any specific delivery date since there may not be cockles in that day's catch.

**You can also ‣ whatsapp us directly for pre-order enquries.

Live Cockles are plump and juicy, with a sweet briny flavor and firm chewy texture.

  • Weight: 1kg
  • Regular Size → Image 1
  • XL Size → Image 2 & 3

If you're looking for even bigger size cockles, come visit our Jumbo Cockles page.

Every batch of Fresh Cockles are imported daily into Singapore & delivered out to customers on the same day. *We do not keep any stock since live cockles are perishable.

What is “Daily Catch” Supply?

Availability of cockles size are solely dependent on the daily catch shipment arriving at the port on that day.

At early dawn, our team will look for the desired cockles size pre-ordered by customers.

If available, we then procure & deliver the cockles to you on that same day so that you can enjoy the freshest cockles possible.


  • Fresh cockles must be kept chilled.
  • Store the cockles in an open bowl or container inside the refrigerator.
  • Live shellfish need air and moisture to stay alive.
  • Never soak cockles in water during storage. They will die and may spoil.
  • We highly recommend you consume the shellfish within 3 days as it is always best to enjoy cockles at their peak freshness :)


  • Some jumbo-sized cockles may sometimes be slightly more perishable than the other live cockles, therefore you must remember to handle them with extra delicate care.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Super nice cockle

The cockles are so fresh and extremely big. Enjoy them a lot! Thanks 🙏

Chuan teck Lee

Very tasty and fresh

Elaine Lim
Terrific Cockles

Excellent. Meaty, juicy and fresh

Val Tan
fresh cockles

fresh and sweet

Ronnie Tan

Love it like abalone

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