Tako / Octopus Leg (Sashimi Grade) 1kg

Tako Octopus Leg Sashimi Grade Singapore
Tako Boiled Octopus Leg Sashimi Grade Singapore

Tako / Octopus Leg (Sashimi Grade) 1kg

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  • Weight: 1kg per pack
  • Sashimi Grade

Tako Octopus Leg is a popular sashimi in Japanese food culture. Contrary to popular belief, it is seldom eaten raw - even in Japan as it's too chewy.

Instead, Octopus in Japan is usually "ready boiled" when you purchase it. Because of this, the skin takes on a bright red color and the flesh changes from an opaque grey to white. This slight boiling renders the meat of octopus leg softer and sweeter.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Excellent value for money

It'll be hard to find a better price for 1kg of octopus tentacles

Octopus tentacles are amazing

First order of octopus and I will re-order! Put them on the grill to char - so tender & delicious!

Ryan Tran
Exellent service

Great support rendered on delivery and re-delivery

Vanda Marijanovic Gillon

Beautiful and delicious

Chuen Hui
Fresh Tako

The delivery was quick, and the owner will inform you on the day of delivery. The tako itself is very fresh, even after few days/a week (my case), the tako is still fresh, and taste delicious. But, don't wash the tako in running water. It might wash away the salty taste, and become blend. Overall, it is definitely worth the purchase, delivery speed and taste of the tako wise.

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